The best fries in Bremen

Fries are one of my great foodie passions, much to the detriment of my hips. So where in Bremen can you buy the best fries?

I just love Joppiesaus. It’s made in the Netherlands and uses mayonnaise. Yummy! In Bremen, it’s available at CKTs on Obernstrasse. They’ve also opened a shop in Bahnhofstrasse. Here you can choose between thin and chunky fries, and sweet potato fries and wedges are also on the menu. But my order is always the same: chunky fries with Joppiesaus, please!

I do prefer the regular potato fries, rather than the sweet potato version. But I like either at the Union Brewery in Walle. I’ve tried the regular fries at the Rock & Wurst burger joint in the Viertel district, which they aptly call rockfritten. They really do rock!

Of all the places featured here, I think the best music is served with the rockfritten. Rock & Wurst also have the coolest beer tap, which has a skull on it. The Union Brewery has the advantage of serving its own craft beer on draught.

Lecker Pommes: Rock & Wurst und Union Brauerei

Fantastic fries at Rock & Wurst and the Union Brewery

I think I may have been able to choose from other sauces to go with my rockfritten, but I spotted the bottles too late. They’re normally served with ketchup and mayonnaise. But mine come with a double serving of ketchup, as I ordered the vegan option. These are the standard sauces at the Union Brewery too. The sweet potato fries come with two dips, both based on mayonnaise, I think.

But now we come to my personal favourite: Panama

Supplement from 29.09.2018: The Panama has just been closed. An update of the article will follow soon …

The fries here appear to be the same as those at the other two places, always fried to perfection. But the best thing are the sauces, which are all vegan and – with the exception of the ketchup – made in-house. The fries come in two portion sizes, Mücke and Elefant. The larger Elefant portion comes with two of these sauces: mayonnaise, mango-curry (my favourite), tzatziki, riot (hot), peanut (satay) and ketchup. I do have one request, though:

Dear Panama team, please create a vegan Joppiesaus. You’d make me sooo happy! I’ll be happy to exchange it for some of my home-made herb ketchup, as soon as my herbs are sprouting again. Deal?

Pommes im Panama - mit veganen selbstgemachten Saucen

Fries at Panama with home-made vegan sauces

And talking of vegan, I’ve put together some meat-free restaurant tips for you.

Now it’s your turn: where’s your favourite place for fries in Bremen, and who has the best Joppiesaus? No matter whether the fries are served from a kiosk or in posh surroundings, send us your tips.


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