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Kaffeesieren, as enjoying a coffee is called in Bremen, is all the rage. There buy cheap viagra online uk are more and more pretty cafés serving coffee from small regional roasteries. And that’s great. 


I’ve selected a few nice cafés that don’t have a long and distinguished past, so you won’t find the likes of Knigge, Tölke, cheap generic viagra or Classico here. This is about cafés that I’ve encountered on Instagram or in blogs.

Fancy a pastry with your cappuccino, or viagra pill even a slice of cake? The selection of cakes varies, but most of the time there’s also a vegan option. Sometimes breakfast is also available, or viagra canada lunch, for example in Radieschen. The reason I mention so many places in Neustadt is not because I live nearby, but because there’s just so much going on there at the moment.

I’ll start off with Harbour Coffee, because viagra for women I was allowed to take the photos here. Thanks for your patience … I tried a good old-fashioned filter coffee here. That’s also how I make it at home, as I like to keep the number of gadgets in my kitchen to a minimum. And also because I think the porcelain filter is nice to look at.



Harbour Coffee – Bremen

Harbour Coffee hasn’t been around long, but it feels like every Instagrammer in Bremen is here. It sits in a great spot in the Ostertor quarter. notanotherfashionblog mentions it, as does Wortkonfetti.
Further info:
Harbour Coffee – Bremen online, on Instagram and on Facebook.
What I particularly like:
I came to Harbour Coffee specifically for this post, as I’d never been here before. And because I needed a picture for my post, of course. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the way that it’s decorated – I admit I have a thing for anchors. The coffee was excellent, but I did forego the much-lauded frosted cinnamon pastries as I’d been a bit lax recently about my exercise regime. A couple of rounds at the gym and I’ll be back. Then I’ll go the whole hog.


YellowBird Coffee

YellowBird is located in the Neustadt quarter. Even a blogger for Ryanair has ventured there. As have Bremer Bohne, Schnoorschnacker and Wortkonfetti.
Further info:
YellowBird Coffee on Instagram and Facebook.
What I particularly like:
The lovely atmosphere, the great coffee from Cross Coffee, of course, and the great location. While not ideal for visitors to Bremen, it certainly suits me. Yesterday I wanted to check that everything is still as good as before, but it was packed. Which is a good sign.


Radieschen – Kaffee und Erinnerungen

Radieschen has been around a little longer. It originally opened on a short term basis as an art project, but at some point it became a permanent fixture. Where does the unusual name – Radishes, Coffee and Memories – come from? Well, this used to be Buntentor cemetery’s flower shop, and in German ‘looking at the radishes (or Radieschen) from below’ means the same as ‘pushing up daisies’… Glucke has written an article about owner Eva Radieschen. Our very own Teresa also mentions her in her post on Neustadt, as does Deutschland is(s)t vegan. They don’t do breakfast here yet, but they do do lunch. And occasionally they invite refugees from the Sonnenhaus refugee centre opposite the café to join them in the kitchen.
Further info:
Radieschen online and on Facebook.
What I particularly like:
The décor! Just like at grandma’s, with ornamental crockery and all that stuff. In the summer it’s perfect for sitting outside – everything has been done with loving care. And they have vegan cakes. Even if pink isn’t normally my colour, I think it looks great here. Highly recommended!


Feinkost Marianne

Marianne has also been around for a while. The café is situated in a side street in the Steintor quarter. It specialises in organic and vegan food, and you can eat breakfast here too. Wortkonfetti has blogged about it.
Further info:
Marianne online and on Facebook.
What I particularly like:
This really should be right up my street, as it were, but I still haven’t been there yet. For one reason or another. The fact is it’s a little bit off the beaten track. Yesterday I tried to make up for my lack of knowledge, but the place is closed on Sundays. Anyone who has to work long hours during the week will have to try on a Saturday. Or when they have a day off.



INS BLAUE opened in the Peterswerder quarter last year. Blumenbrigade has blogged about it. As have Wortkonfetti and Bremer Bohne.
Further info:
INS BLAUE on Facebook.
What I particularly like:
I so wanted to go. After a long walk I was looking forward to a hot drink as I was cold and tired. And what happened? Nothing – it was packed out. As I swallowed my disappointment and moved on, I looked at my mobile only to discover that some other Instagrammers must have just grabbed the last spot ahead of me. Grrr. :-) A second attempt will follow.


Coffee Corner Bremen

This café is the exception on this list. It has been around for some time and had an extension a few years ago. But it does have one distinct advantage: it offers views of the busiest street corner in Bremen. The ideal spot to watch the world go by. Just great. Especially when it’s cold outside, but the sun is shining in.
Further info:
Coffee Corner Bremen on Instagram and Facebook.
What I particularly like:
See above. And the bagels, something I particularly associate Coffee Corner with.



And we’re back in Neustadt again … Last year Papp, a bar, added a café. And Karton, a little further along, also belongs to Papp. You can also drink coffee there, but it doesn’t quite fit my criteria. Wortkonfetti has blogged about the coffee and clothes area.
Further info:
Papp on Instagram and Facebook.
What I particularly like:
I like the space in front. And that Papp offers such a variety of things. Café, bar, clothes shop, yummy bowls of food … and for the latter, part of the venue has been turned into a sort of miniature Portland. And at Christmas they have a Festival of Lights.


In case of emergency break glass

In case of emergency break glass

Bremen – the coffee city

Bremen is synonymous with coffee. It’s here that Germany’s first coffee house opened in 1673, and also where decaffeinated coffee was invented more than 100 years ago. And for a long time this was also where every second cup of coffee drunk in Germany was roasted. Is that still the case today? It doesn’t really matter – the small roasteries in and around Bremen are more interested in quality, not quantity.

We’ve already written some posts dedicated to coffee. We had a look at the buildings at Lloyd Caffee and the Münchhausen roastery, and we visited Cross Coffee and Hemken.

Anyone who wants to find out more about coffee can book a guided tour at Lloyd Caffee in the Überseestadt district and at Münchhausen on the Schlachte Embankment. You can also enjoy tastings and buy coffee while you’re there.

Can you recommend any other cafés? Then please feel free to write a comment, or use the contact form.




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