Heavenly blossom in Rhododendron Park

Bremen is a city of green. Its wonderful parks and gardens make it such a great place to live, and you cannot help but fall for its charms. Especially during the main flowering season, when the explosion of colour in Rhododendron Park is simply stunning.

Our Rhododendron Park is huge, its 46 hectares providing plenty of space to go for long walks and to wind down and relax. And for taking photos, of course.

Tolle Spazierwege und Fotomotive im Rhododendron-Park Bremen

Lovely walks and great photo opportunities in Bremen’s Rhododendron Park

The park is home to the world’s second-largest collection of rhododendron species and types, and every year between the end of April and mid-June its display is particularly impressive. Nearly 600 of the around 1,000 wild species found around the world, and more than 3,000 cultured varieties, including azaleas, can be admired here. There are also around 5,000 other plant species (and sub-species and varieties), including some trees that may be the tallest in Bremen, possibly even in Germany. But best of all, the park is free, and you can easily combine it with a visit to the botanika.

Gelbe Blüten im Bremer Rhododendron-Park

Yellow blossom in Bremen’s Rhododendron Park

At the heart of the park lies the botanical garden, and there are further gardens of heaths, roses, bonsai trees and new varieties, an alpine garden and a grove of remembrance. The ‘Garden of Human Rights’ features bronze plaques displaying the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights along its paths. As you can see, there is plenty to discover.

Blütenpracht im Rhododendron-Park, Foto: Manuela Gangl

Rhododendron Park in full bloom, photo: Manuela Gang

This vast treasure trove of plants, known as the Bremen Collection, is one of the pillars of the German Rhododendron Gene Bank. The collection is one of the most important worldwide as it contains all major rhododendron groups.

Schöne Gartengestaltung im Rhododendron-Park Bremen

Attractive garden design in Bremen’s Rhododendron Park

As a child, I often had to remove the sticky withered flowers from our long rhododendron hedge, and I must admit that I wasn’t very keen on this plant. But the blossoms and the riot of colour in Rhododendron Park have even got me hooked.

Der Bremer Rhododendron-Park zum 75-jährigen Jubiläum 2012

Bremen’s Rhododendron Park on its 75th anniversary in 2012

There’s also a great children’s play area near the car park. It’s not far from the Bloom restaurant, which is the ideal spot to relax with a coffee and a slice of cake. The park and the botanika also host enjoyable events throughout the year.

Rhododendronbüsche in weiß und pink

White and pink rhododendron bushes





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