My Bremen: tactile model of the old quarter

I’m in a bit of a hurry, but I just have to tell you about the bronze model of the old quarter that has appeared – much to my surprise – on market square. I had to have a quick look this morning on my way to work to check it out.

It’s early in the morning and it has rained overnight. Slowly but surely, the sun and the people are coming out.

You can see where I’m standing on the rain-soaked model, near the upper end of Bremen Parliament’s pointy roof. How cute the town hall looks – its little label has also been added in braille.

Marktplatz im Modell im Regen

The rain-soaked market square in the model

The model is fully accessible for wheelchair users too. You could say it’s literally Bremen for everyone. It’s so much fun seeing how all the various local attractions have been included. When you’re there, keep a look out for the windmill in Wallanlagen Park. I could spend hours looking at it, but unfortunately work beckons.

Bremen has a new attraction, a new photo opportunity and a new way of getting your bearings. I’m so excited!

Bremer Altstadt aus Bronze - anschauen und ertasten

To see and to feel: Bremen’s old quarter in bronze

For lots more information on accessibility please see


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