13 Bars in Bremen

To me, nightlife in Bremen means getting away from it all in pubs and bars that play good music. Nightclubs and discos are not really my thing, so I’d like to give you my personal nightlife tips.

These bars play a wide range of music, mainly stuff I like. And unless I say otherwise, the music covers genres from punk rock, heavy metal and rock, to ska, rockabilly and alternative; quite often these are older songs that are not mainstream.

Even if some of the venues are full of students, I still don’t feel out of place as a forty-something. Almost all the venues are small and allow smoking, which isn’t always easy for a non-smoker like me.

None of the venues are fully wheelchair-accessible – there’s always some step to get over, or the toilets are very small and access is cramped. If the toilets are in the cellar, then there will be a note to say so.

Das Sielwall-Eck mit dem Eisen, Foto von Jonas Ginter

Corner of Sielwall with Eisen bar; photo by Jonas Ginter

My personal top 13

Rum Bumpers

Situated in a cellar, the venue is decorated like a pirate’s lair and has plenty of room at the bar. The music played depends a little on which of the friendly and efficient staff are on duty. Occasionally, there is a DJ. Situated on the fringes of the ‘Bermuda triangle’ of Humboldstrasse, Römerstrasse and Fehrfeld in the Viertel quarter.

  • Happy hour from 9pm
  • Humboldtstrasse 34, open Mon-Sat from 6pm, Sun from 8pm


Nice, dark bar with a couple of sofas and armchairs – which is why Auszeit calls itself Rock ’n’ Roll Couchclub. Often has a DJ set. Meeting place for students from the university in Neustadt.

  • Table football
  • Happy hour from 9pm
  • Kleine-Annen-Strasse 21, open every day from 8pm except Mondays

Heartbreak Hotel

Mainly has rockabilly/hillbilly music on its playlist. Good views across this very small venue from the seats in the raised area. The term ‘dive’ comes to mind, but in a good way. Situated in the Bermuda triangle.

  • Pinball machine
  • Happy hour from 8pm
  • Fehrfeld 30, open daily from 8pm


Bit of a DIY bar – the owner is a skilled builder. Particularly nice is the old yellow kitchen behind the bar. The ladies toilet in the cellar is great – I can’t think of anywhere else that offers such a choice of hygiene and care products. From deodorant and hairspray to disposable toothbrushes, it’s all there (most of the time).

  • Live football when Werder Bremen or St. Pauli are playing; Tatort (German crime series) shown on Sundays
  • Table football
  • Langemarckstrasse 207, open daily from 6pm


This former brothel has been transformed into a golden grotto. Gets busy right from the off at 8pm due to the early happy hour (2 for 1 cocktails). Often has a DJ set. Situated in the Bermuda triangle.

  • Happy hour from 8pm
  • Fehrfeld 35, open daily from 8pm


Litfass opened more than 20 years ago and features a narrow room with a long bar. Nice outdoor area in the summer overlooking Ulrichsplatz square, where there’s often a small farmers market. Settle down for a spot of people-watching and forget all your cares …

  • Live football
  • Ostertorsteinweg 22, open Mon-Fri from 10am and Sundays from mid-day


Meisenfrei is a blues club that often hosts concerts, but it also has a bar upstairs. Music is all about the blues, of course. Specialises in beer and frikadellen, flat, pan-fried meat balls. Ideal for a break from strolling through the town, as it’s only a short walk from the shopping district. There are also some restaurants nearby. Toilets in the cellar.

  • Happy hour from 3pm (any drink €1.50)
  • Hankenstrasse 18, open daily from 3pm

Danny’s Rockbar

I originally had Furchtbar here, a heavy metal venue, but unfortunately it closed down. In June 2017, I finally found a replacement in Danny’s Rockbar, where the music – rock and metal – is great. The landlord is the best; when I was there he made every effort to look after many of his guests himself. The atmosphere was excellent, and they even had a sing-along. Well, a shout-along. Something like that.

  • Electronic dart machine and table football
  • Herdentorsteinweg 4 (near the main train station), open Tue-Sat from 8pm


Cult bar in Sielwall playing plenty of metal music. Football and punk. Toilets in the cellar.

  • Live football
  • Happy hour from 9pm
  • Sielwall 9, open daily from 5pm and when Werder Bremen are playing


Painted in the colours of Jägermeister, orange and black. Music from a jukebox. Meeting point for some offbeat characters.

  • Live football
  • Vor dem Steintor 52, open daily from … early


This venue is a lot bigger than the others, with loads of sofas and armchairs to lounge around on, and the music is a little quieter. They also do food and cake. But I’ve still listed it here as there isn’t as much of a focus on the food as in places like the lovely Piano next door. The wood-burning stove is great in the winter. Toilets in the cellar.

  • Non-smoking venue with a separate smoking room
  • Table football in the cellar
  • Tatort (German crime series) shown on Sundays
  • Fehrfeld 58/59, open Mon-Thu from 6pm and Fri-Sat from 1pm


Bar in the centre of the residential area in Neustadt. Popular with locals. Very nice atmosphere and music. Has its own choir! Local organic Nordsch beer on tap.

  • Live football
  • Table football, darts, board games
  • Möckernstrasse 40, open daily from 6pm


Old bar on a corner with a maritime theme – there are ships hanging from the ceiling. Very cosy, almost no seating at the bar, no music. An exception in this list due to the lack of music, but no music is better than bad music … The ideal spot for anyone who wants to visit a typical Bremen corner bar. Situated on Brommyplatz square. Meeting point for Werder Bremen fans before and after home games, but doesn’t show the games live.

  • Non-smoking venue with a separate smoking room
  • Hemelinger Strasse 7, open from 5pm

I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Die Capri-Bar und das Bermuda am Bermuda-Dreieck, Foto von Jonas Ginter

Capri-Bar and Bermuda in the Bermuda triangle; photo by Jonas Ginter

Other great bars in Bremen

There are any number of restaurants and beer gardens along the Schlachte Embankment, and plenty of clubs along the ‘club mile’. Naturally. But the best locations to find some nice pubs and bars are listed below:

Bermuda triangle
Every city has a Bermuda triangle, and Bremen is no exception. There is even a bar called Bermuda, and it is on two of the photos, but it didn’t quite make it on to my list. In the summer there are many places to sit outside in the triangle.
Corner of Humboldtstrasse/Fehrfeld

Ostertorsteinweg and Vor dem Steintor
Along the main road in the Viertel quarter, split in two by Sielwall, there are many restaurants, pubs and bars. Or you can party right there in the street. Along Ostertor it tends to be a little more upmarket, but along Steintor you’ll find more rustic bars such as Haifischbecken, Haltepunkt and the like.

Brommy-Platz square and the surrounding venues are a popular meeting place before and after Werder Bremen home games, but there’s bound to be something for everyone at other times, too. Unless you’re looking for something more upmarket.
Corner of Hamburger Strasse and Auf dem Peterswerder

And another tip: the happy hour guide.

Der Ostertorsteinweg, links versteckt sich das Litfass, Foto von Jonas Ginter

Ostertorsteinweg, with Litfass hidden away on the left; photo by Jonas Ginter

Having a good time outside of the Viertel quarter

A few venues in Neustadt have made it on to my list. I’ve checked out the Walle district a couple of times, but haven’t found any contenders for my list there yet. I should possibly mention Karo in Reuterstrasse. I’d be grateful if you could send me your tips, especially from other districts in Bremen. I’d particularly like tips for non-smoking venues with good music.



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