My Bremen: cycling to Worpswede and back

From time to time, I feel the urge to visit the countryside. So I jump on my bike and enjoy a little exercise on a day trip through the beautiful scenery around Bremen. I recently combined a visit to the Worpswede artists’ colony with an extensive cycle tour. And I have to say, I can highly recommend it.

A final check of the weather and I’m off, cycling along the eastern side of Bürgerpark in a northerly direction towards the outskirts of the city. It feels like my bike is looking forward to a good workout too, and a mere 20 minutes later I’m having my first short drinks break at the Kuhsiel locks in the Blockland region. Here, I turn right on to Lehester dyke and follow the road towards Borgfeld, until a small green and white sign sends me left on to Kreuzdeich dyke along the river Wümme. The raised cycle path weaves its way through meadows, and here and there a small rest area invites me to take a break.

Egal, wohin man schaut - überall ist es schön :)

Whichever direction you look, it’s beautiful :)

Following the signs all the way

After passing a large inn, I turn left again before crossing the Wümme. A sign tells me that I’m now in Lilienthal, and I follow the length of this small town on a road called Jan-Reiners-Weg.

I had decided on my route online, but I miss the turnoff and stay on Jan-Reiners-Weg for the whole 5 kilometres through Lilienthal. It does mean a detour of almost 2 kilometres, but at least the route is easy to find as there are plenty of signs along the way.

Alle Wege führen nach Worpswede? Na, vielleicht nicht alle, aber ziemlich viele :) Die gute Ausschilderung macht ein sehr entspanntes Radeln möglich, ohne ständiges Anhalten.

All roads lead to Worpswede? Well, maybe not all of them, but many :) The excellent signageensures that you can focus on enjoying your cycling, without having to stop all the time.

Once I leave the cycle path through Lilienthal and pass a golf course, it becomes much more rural. There are a few farmhouses and riding stables dotted around, but otherwise it’s all meadows, fields and groves. The roads are lined by birch and other trees, which feel right at home here in the moorland.

Über Landwege und Seitenstraßen führt der Landradweg nach Worpswede. Immer gesäumt von Birken und anderen Bäumen, die sich in der Moorlandschaft wohlfühlen.

The route to Worpswede leads along country roads and side streets.

A day out in the countryside

I breathe in the fresh summery breeze and take in the views as I ride my bike along the well-maintained country lanes. Only once do I hit a stretch that isn’t tarmacked, so I go a little slower for a less bumpy ride. Now and again I encounter other cyclists and cars, but otherwiseI have the route to myself. I immerse myself in the scenery and feel I’m part of something bigger. My red racing bike speeds past the scenery in its full August lushness, and I wave at the cows and even spot a deer.

Kühe, Strohballen, leicht bewölkter Himmel - die Idylle eignet sich bestens für eine Landpartie.

Cows, hay bales and hardly a cloud in the sky – it all adds up to a perfect day out in the countryside.

The cycle paths are so well signposted that I reach my destination a lot earlier than I thought, taking just one and a half hours to get here. In Worpswede, I recharge my batteries with some coffee and cake. I considered doing part of the return journey on the tram from Lilienthal or by train from Osterholz-Schwarmbeck, but I decide to get back on my bike and cycle the whole 24 kilometres back to Bremen. My legs start to feel heavy along the way, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just so much fun cycling through this beautiful scenery. As I enter Blockland, I’m greeted by a glorious sunset and an approaching weather front. Exhausted, yet somehow reinvigorated, I finally reach the city.

Viel Himmel - über dem Blockland am nördlichen Stadtrand herrscht immer ein spannendes Licht.

Sky as far as the eye can see – the light above Blockland to the north of Bremen is always special.


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